Superheroines 3

Fewer special effects this time as the accent is on straight tie-up and gag scenes. Chrissy, Jannelle and Summer star in the first two stories. Sexy spandex outfits, sometimes with boots, sometimes in stocking or bare feet, bound and gagged in various dangerous situations. Tania stars in the last few stories. Also: some hysterical bloopers. Over an hour of bondage action!

#S126 $32.95

Superheroines 2

Not as many special effects- the accent's on straight tie-ups. Chrissy, Krystin, Deidra and Jannelle star. In an exciting story, Jannelle is tied up under the floor boards of a house. She is then bound and attacked by a monster- pretty wild!

#S118 Only $25.95

Superheroines 1

More special effects than #2 but still loaded with great tie-ups. Chrissy as a heroine tormented by her own clone! Deidra in a giant tube. Krystin also stars. Lots of boots as well as some stocking feet. 40 minutes.

#S117 Only $26.95

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