Superheroines 5
"Knocked Out/Tied Up Heroines"

A collection of exciting stories featuring your favorite models in some great situations. Adorable Jordan plays Neon Girl who starts out in her normal identity of Jordan Scott. Jordan is knocked out in leather pants by bad girl Tory. Jordan wakes up bound and gagged. Removing her high heels, she hops around and uses her shoe to pull her gag out. Her mouth free, she says her secret word and transforms into Neon Girl, who wears a wicked pink and black outfit. But Neon Girl is quickly chloroformed by Tory and winds up bound and gagged at Tory's mercy. Tory takes full advantage of the situation, fondling and humiliating the helpless heroine. As a final indignity, Neon Girl is forced to kiss Tory's boots. In the second story, D'Arby and Jordan play two "Wonder Babes" who
are knocked out by poisonous gas. They end up bound and gagged trying to free each other. Then, they're bound back to back, tape gagged. Their boots are off in this scene for all you foot fans. You won't be sure who to cheer for in the last story. The "good" girls, Jordan and Andrea, both in pink, are out to stop bondage on the internet! "Bad" girl Tory, also known as "Mistress Anton" wants to keep the world safe for adult videos. Well, we know who's side we're on! The two foolish heroines are knocked out and end up bound and gagged together on the floor. Mistress Anton then ties Jordan to a stair railing and sets up a falling axe peril for her. Andrea is tied and gagged with her feet tied to seperate table legs. Mistress Anton sets up a rather bizarre peril involving an
electric toy car, a dildo of death and Andrea's crotch. Unfortunately, Jordan escapes and saves Andrea from the vicios vibrator. This scene is a bit silly but it's fun. (Please note: There is no sexual penetration in this video). The two super chicks knock out and tie up Tory. They leave her there while they go out to look for new costumes. But Tory gets away and when the girls return (in sexy new costumes), Tory knocks them both out at once. The heroines are bound and gagged topless, back to back. A laser shoots them into the computer and they end up trapped in Tory's web site. Some amusing outtakes conclude the video. A very entertaining and exciting video!

75:00 #S246 $38.00

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