Superheroines 6

Another great entry in this exciting series. This time, the superheroines wear ultra sexy outfits complete with masks (in some scenes) and gloves. The video starts with The Silver Fox (Andrea) and All American Girl (Jordan) battling villain Tory Sinclair. First, Andrea is chloroformed, unmasked, bound, gagged and tormented by Tory. Cruel Tory ties The Silver Fox and seals her in behind a brick wall ( a pretty cool effect). The Fox escapes and re-materializes on the outside of the wall (another cool effect). All American Girl/Jordan is looking around Tory's hideout when the lights go out. When they go on, Jordan is bound to a chair and sprayed with knock out gas. She awakens bound to a giant spider web, ball gagged. Tory (in an extremely sexy spider-themed outfit) unmasks Jordan, torments and teases her. Later, both heroines are chloroformed at once and wind up bound and tape-gagged in a car trunk. They're marched into Tory's hideout and bound and gagged in a cage. Tory torments them,
telling them about the bomb she has set to go off. Will the heroines escape?! I guess so... because in the next scene, they capture and knock Tory out by giving her a shot in the arm. She awakens bound and gagged and is dragged away by the heroines. Four great vignettes follow. First Nina is bound and tape gagged in a hot outfit with silver boots. Then, in a familiar red, white, blue and gold outfit, she's bound on her knees
with hands above her and gagged with cloth. There's plenty of struggling going on with these two threesomes: Andrea, Jordan and D'Arby are tied and gagged in sexy, shiny spandex and boots. Then, Tory, Andrea and Jordan look gorgeous bound and cloth gagged in their sexy outfits with boots. A great video, sure to excite fans of superheroines and perilous bondage.

59 minutes. #S251 $35.00

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