Sexy Superheroines 1

The accent is on campiness and cool visual effects in these two outrageous superheroine stories. There’s something for everyone-spandex, knock-outs, spanking, wrestling and (mild) bondage. The Silver Fox (Kat) has lost her sidekick. D’arby has joined forces with the evil Morgana (Nina). When Kat comes looking for her, she’s grabbed by Nina. The two women wrestle and Kat chokes Nina into
unconsciousness. But, D’arby appears and begins wrestling with Kat. Kat takes control and chloroforms D’arby but is then knocked out by Nina’s evil powers. Kat wakes up tied to a table, nude except for boots and gloves, with a ray gun firing lasers at her. In a really hot scene, Nina adjusts the ray to “orgasm mode” and Kat writhes in ecstacy. When Kat escapes, Nina tries to chloroform her but the tables are turned and Nina ends up unconscious, her costume stripped off her. But D’arby has plans of her own and using her new super powers, she subdues Kat, who squirms in agony. When Nina awakens, she is promptly chloroformed by the power hungry D’arby. This first story has some really unusual and interesting special effects and the girls have a lot of fun with their roles (They also look incredibly hot in their costumes!). The second story begins with Catgirl Nina getting dressed in her skin-tight purple catsuit and black boots and gloves. She is chloroformed by a mysterious stranger and left unconscious to take the blame for his crime. The stranger takes the opportunity to fondle his victim as she is being KO’d. Later, Catgirl is chloroformed and kidnapped by the same bad guy. He does a lot of heavy fondling, ties her hands and feet and spanks her sexy spandex-clad ass. Catgirl tries to escape a few times but is knocked out again by her captor. Tied to a chair, Catgirl is hypnotized and convinced to join the forces of evil. About 6 minutes of outtakes and alternate takes (including some really good footage) conclude the program.

69 minutes. #S308 $33.00

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