Close-Up has agreed to let me (Darla) to produce a new line of videos all about superheroines! The line will be titled "Darla's Superheroines" (catchy, huh?), and the first tape in the series is due out next week. We hope to release one of these DSH tapes every few months.
 DSH-01 is entitled "ACTION GAL vs KITTY KURIOUS", and stars Shay Sights and Cleo
 Nichole. Shay still maintains her bodyguard business, but wicked Kitty thinks she has
 figured out Shay's secret identity. She threatens to expose Shay unless she agrees to
 help her become an action hero too! I don't want to give away too much of the plot, but
 along the way you'll get transformation scenes of BOTH heroine and villainess, a sinister
 mind-and-body controlling device, an unmasking for Action Gal, and a vibrator scene with a
 genuine ORGASM! Following the story are two scenes of lil ol' me, bound in heroine attire
 and pawed by an evil male abductor, then make sure to watch for out-takes and previews of my past SH stories. This tape should be order-able through snail mail or the Close-Up
 website by Friday, Feb 9th.
 FYI, my DSH tapes will be 60 minutes long and will cost $60 for standard NTSC-VHS, $65 for Euro PAL-VHS.