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Electra Girl vs Brutaila

Close-Up Concepts has a Super Heroine video called "Electra Girl vs Brutaila" produced by Darla Crane who also acts as the evil villainess Brutalia.

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Beautiful blonde Stacy Burke is Joy Wright and is also Electra Girl, super-strong defender of justice.

Electra Girl's arch-nemesis, the evil Brutalia (Darla at her most diabolical), has kidnapped secretary Jenny Olsen, (sultry Jewell Marceau) and it's up to our heroine to save the day.

Unfortunately Brutalia has a whole stockpile of illicit stolen weaponry at her disposal, including a canister of knock-out spray and strands of an unbreakable super polymer that keep both Jenny and Electra Girl in bondage and at her mercy.

When Electra Girl refuses to allow Brutalia to remove her mask the nasty villainess forces poor Jenny to endure a vibrating "gratification wand" until the whimpering secretary succumbs to a long string of genuine orgasms!


Rest assured, though. Brutalia gets hers in the end. . .she ends up bound, gagged, and swinging by her ankles from the attic door!

You can purchase this video (ELECTRA GIRL vs BRUTALIA! [DCV3] ) from Close-Up Concepts or by post to;

Close-Up Concepts

PO Box 93698

Los Angeles, CA. 90093-3698


Remember to put a statment of your age and the price is $60 VHS, $65 PAL.


Thank's to Darla Crane for the use of the pictures and text.

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