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This is the third of this series is called "HUMBLED HEROINES!" (DSH 02).

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DIANA DeVOE as Flashfyre
DEVIN DeMOORE as wicked Devia
& RUBEE TUESDAY as evil Lady Rubee

with a special bonus scene of

TANYA DANIELLE as Glimmer Girl

Diana is a writer, but she's also "Flashfyre", a superheroine capable of great speed!  We open on Diana interviewing Bridgett  the beautiful daughter of the mayor who was, at one time, a superheroine herself.  Bridgett's supername was "Titania", but her crime-fighting career was cut short when she was kidnapped, tortured and exposed by diabolical Lady Rubee.  As Diana interviews Bridgett, we see her horrible ordeal in shocking flashbacks.  When the interview is over, the curvy blond heads home  only to be grabbed and chloroformed in her own kitchen!  When she awakens she is bound and gagged in the lair of nasty Devia.  Devia has decided to get her competitor in crime, Lady Rubee, out of the way  so she's going to use Bridgett as bait.  Diana gets wind of Bridgett's abduction, though, and soon it's Flashfyre to the rescue!  But wait…Devia has more tricks up her sleeve than Flashfyre is prepared for, and even more bondage and suffering ensues  including a REAL BONDAGE ORGASM for the outmaneuvered superheroine!  Will Flashfyre save the day?  Will Titania get her powers back?  Or will evil triumph over all?!?  After the story we is a bonus scene of bodacious Tanya Danielle as Glimmer Girl, post-tied, stripped and ballgagged!


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Thanks again to Darla Crane for the use of the pictures and text.

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