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Lady Justice


The Hotel Burglars

SHIB Productions brings you the next in it series of Super Heroine in Bondage Videos

Lady Justice vs. The Hotel Burglars

Gummi, Sharon Kane and Tori Sinclair

We open as Dana King (Gummi) returns to her hotel room. As she is getting ready for a shower someone sneaks in and grabs her. She tries to fight off her attacker but is chloroformed unconscious. The next morning she meets with two female police officers (Sharon & Tori) to report her robbery. Realizing that the police will be no help. We see Dana put together her own plan to catch the crooks. The next night we see Lady Justice enter a hotel room to wait for the burglars. But it seems that the burglars are already there and knock her out and tie her up on the bed. After tying Lady Justice up they go about searching the room. But Lady Justice manages to escape and captures one of the crooks but is chloroformed out by the other burglar. She awakens to find herself tied spread on the bed. The two burglars who now have removed their hoods starts to sexually assault Lady Justice with a vibrator till she orgasms. They remove her mask and drug her with a memory drug to forget their identities. As they leave her tied on the bed they wonder at the surprise the people in the morning will have when they find Lady Justice all tied up.

What is to become of our heroine? You’ll have to watch the tape to see the faith of our heroine.

The tape runtime is 30 minutes and is available both in NTSC & PAL formats.
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