Ms Americana vs Leather Lady

SHIB Productions has completed it first video "Ms Americana vs Leather Lady which starts Greta Calson as Ms Americana, Stacy Burke as Flag Girl and Sharon Kane as Leather Lady.

This video is about the heroine team of Ms Americana and Flag Girl and their attempt to capture Leather Lady. It starts off with Ms Americana going after Leather Lady and getting into a great fight scene where Ms Americana loses her Mego-Belt which is the secret of her super strength then Leather Lady chloroforms her unconscious. Leather Lady then ties up our unconscious heroine up on the chain web to be tortured and tormented.

Ms American being tied on the Chain WEB

Mean while Flag Girl learns that Ms Americana has gone after Leather Lady and goes to assist her. But it seems that Ms Americana has managed to escape and leaves Leather Lady's hideout.

But poor Flag Girl doesn't know this and is captured by Leather Lady and tied down to a medical examination table.

Leather Lady tying Flag Girl up

Leather Lady then teases, torturers and torments poor Flag Girl. After returning to their secret headquarters Ms Americana find out that Flag Girl has gone to Leather Lady's hideout and quickly goes after her.

Lady Leather finished torturing Flag Girl leaves her with her guards and returns to await Ms Americana return since she knows that she will return in search of Flag Girl.

Leather Lady with Flag Girls Mego-belt awaiting for Ms Americana to return

When Ms Americana arrives she is forced to submit to Leather lady. Ms Americana is then tied to a cross and teased while Leather Lady goes and gets Flag Girl.

Ms Americana tied to the cross

Then Leather Lady sexually assaults Flag Girl in front of the tied up Ms Americana. (Their is also a nice scene here where Flag Girl is forced to be a Pony Girl)

Leather Lady torturing Flag Girl in front of Ms Americana who is tied on the cross to the right of them

Flag Girl getting spanked by Leather Lady

They then are tied up back to back and then Leather Lady removes their masks and learns their identities.

Both Ms Americana & Flag Girl tied together after their masks have been removed

Knowing that the only two heroines that could stop her are now her prisoners she goes of on a crime spree.

Will Leather Lady get away with her crime spree? Will both our heroines escape?

You'll have to get the video to find out.

The video is now available from Superheroine Central

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